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Thank you for booking your holiday/vacation with us, we promise to make it new memory in your life.

Package terms and conditions:

 - The guest booking our services is expected to provide a valid identity authenticating the person and you shall not make a reservation in a fictitious  name.

 - No amendments (name changes , date changes, hotel change etc.) will be done once the booking is vouchered. Any changes possible will be done      offline, subject to any cancellation / rebooking / additional charges (as applicable).

 - Maximum waiting time at the airport shall be 60 - 90 minutes from the touchdown of the flight.

 - Please note that pick-up for all transfer and tours will be done as per the details in the Tour Briefing Sheet. This document is shared closer to the            date of travel and all guests must carry the Tour Briefing Sheet during their travel.

 - Hotel standard Check-In / Check-out time varies from destination to destination, 1200 hrs or 1400 hrs or 1500 hrs.

 - Prices are dynamic and subject to change unless the booking is put on hold-On time limit basis or vouchered. Rates include only those items            specified in your itinerary.

 - Package rates are valid for the selected travel dates only and for the room category and other services, specified.

 - The guests are requested to follow the rules and regulations of the resort / hotel where they are accommodated.

 - Request guests to be punctual for all tours and transfers. Maximum waiting time shall be 05 minutes for SIC and 10 minutes for Private.

 - Shorter-stays than the booked stay and early check-out will be regarded as cancellation and hence no refund will be provided for any un-utilized          service/s.

 - Refund strictly as per the cancellation policy given.

 - We do not hold any responsibility for additional cost or adjustment which may arise as a result of events beyond our control, such as technical                  problems with means of transportation, changes imposed by re-scheduling or cancellation of flights by an airline/train, political disturbances,                      natural disasters, bad weather or terrorist activity etc. 

 - We shall have no legal liability for any loss, damage, personal injury arising directly or indirectly from any aspect of your Holiday.  

 - It is the responsibility of the guest to carry all necessary travel documents such as accommodation voucher / confirmation, passport, other valid identity proof, flight/air tickets etc.

 - Insurance is not covered in the package so please cover yourself with an insurance at your own cost before travelling on a package tour.

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